Meeting with Mr. Hani El Messiry Governor of Alexandria - An interview with the superior, Sister Wafaa Rached - Graduation Party 2014 - Protect Ed on our curriculum
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Sainte Jeanne Antide is a lighthouse of civilization for human and cultural values in an ever-changing society.

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Sainte Jeanne Antide is a distinguished educational school that:
• Works for its internal and external society in Alexandria, to mould a citizen with a distinguished personality both humanly and culturally, a citizen who repels violence and spreads peace.
• Works with principles and values that were based by Sainte Jeanne Antide for her schools.
• Provides an educational non stereotyped environment that focuses on students and that is based on methods and means of active learning.
• Gives distinctive education that relies on informatics, transparency, neutrality and aware responsible leadership by the vision of development in the scope of decentralization.
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March 23, 2015
Meeting with Mr. Hani El Messiry Governor of Alexandria
The Coptic Catholic Church was honoured by the visit of Mr. Hani El Messiry, governor of Alexandria on Sunday, March 22, 2015.
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